Valentine Special Menu

Welcome to Restaurant dévi!

Dévi is a genuine Indian restaurant in the heart of Montreal. Owned and staffed by Indians, the chefs are not merely local hires from other restaurants, but are flown in directly from Delhi, from prestigious jobs in hotels and restaurants there.

Dévi is a refreshing change from many typical Indian restaurants. In addition to familiar Indian dishes, dévi diverges into new and exotic regional fare with names you won’t find in most Indian restaurants in Montreal.

Come to dévi and enjoy an authentic Indian experience in an elegantly exotic setting!

“With such lush surroundings and superb food, dévi is a welcome addition to Montreal’s Indian food scene.”
– Lesley Chesterman, Montreal Gazette Fine Dining critic

“The shrimp were jumbos . . . I would go back every night just for that crunch-squish-meaty-shrimpy taste implosion.”
– Nicholas Robinson, MontrealFood.com critic

1450 Rue Crescent (between de Maisonneuve and St. Catherine), Montreal QC H3G 2B6

Reservations: 514-286-0303

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